up to A3 size

Avoid long print runs
Do you need to produce quality collateral for a small audience or limited market. It must look good, but you don't want to commit your marketing budget to long print runs. This could be just what you are looking for!

Quality Finish......
to impress
Don't compromise on the quality of your mailers or presentations. Call us to see further samples or for advice on achieving the best results.

Your Origination
Document size up to A3.
Your document, Mac or PC (PDF recommended) will be re-formated for print by us. We can accept most industry standard artwork file formats including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXpress. Microsoft Publisher and Word Documents should be supplied with good quality images and formated as PDF, TIF or JPG.
Please remember to include all supporting image files used and all fonts. Image files must be a minimum of 250dpi. Preferably convert the fonts to 'paths' or 'outlines', or embed them in the file.
We may have to levey an additional charge for artwork supplied in Microsoft Word or Publisher to correct the files for commercial output.

Please contact us on 01895 831111 if you are unsure how to do this or would like to know what settings to use. The rule of thumb is: If unsure what size to produce artwork, the higher resolution the better. Above 300dpi at finished size however, you are unlikely to perceive any improvement.

Files can be accepted on Email to:-
Please, if possible, supply a hard copy of your document, so we can see what it should look like.

Our Origination
We can design and produce your document or just artwork from your layout. We would be pleased to quote, subject to sight of origination images and your final requirements.

Stock Material
Standard stocks: 100gsm - 120gsm - 160gsm - 220gsm - 250gsm Premium quality. Other weights and finishes may incur a surcharge.

Jobs that require require bleed may incur a surcharge. (Image that runs off the print area.)

Lamination is available to add extra weight and durability to your documents, either matt or gloss finish. Also - Folding - Punching - WiroBinding - Collating.

All prices are plus VAT.
Delivery extra, if applicable.